Hydration XL -Multicam


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7 Rows high 6 columns wide 4 columns deep the hydration extra large is a short term high intensity mission orientated pouch designed for – 24hour mission. The HEL can carry one 200 round drum on the exlerior pocket with room to spare for loose link or one misai claymore plus ancillaries bag. The main body can easily carry two 2L water bladders plus warm clothing or ration pack and enables the operator to be able to carry enough equipment to sustain him in the fight without resorting to a day bag or assault pack. The pack will also carry small to medium sized radios and is equipped with two ports on the top that allow the feeding of communication cables or hydration hoses from the inside to where ever the user requires. The HEL is designed for when you have to take the fight to the enemy straight away but can not be tied to a bag or pack.


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