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The Tactical Tailor Frame with Valhalla Pad System consists of the Tactical Tailor MALICE Frame, Valhalla Versa Waist pad and Valhalla Fight Light Shoulder Straps.

Straps and pads are available in Coyote Brown or MultiCam.

Tactical Tailor MALICE Frame

The MALICE frame is built from lightweight, ASTM B221 conforming aluminium tubing, giving a 30% reduction in weight compared to similar competitor’s aftermarket pack frames while increasing strength and rigidity over the issue ALICE pack frame. We know that in the field, every ounce saved counts. All rivets have been replaced with welded joints for strength – no more popped rivets – as well as eliminating sharp edges to snag gear on.

The frame is now STRILLS compatible and the redesigned crossbar bends away from the body, creating space between the pack and your back. This provides better airflow, keeping you cooler and also provides a space wide enough to go around standard-sized (10″x12″) back hard plates. Available only in Coyote Brown.

Valhalla Versa Waist Pad

The VALHALLA VERSA Waist pad replaces the old school kidney pad used with the ALICE pack frame but with a number of improvements. Most importantly, our Vera pad utilizes 1.5″ padding for maximum comfort. Other features include a dual adjustable 3 point front buckle and laser-cut attachment points to allow additional modular gear to be attached directly to the belt. Two easy to use adjustable buckles replace the ‘ratchet’ style attachment system on the issue kidney pad. The Versa waist pad is a must-have for anyone seeking more comfort and durability with their ALICE frame and pack. Available in Coyote Brown or MultiCam.

Valhalla Fight Light Shoulder Straps

The VALHALLA Fight Light shoulder Straps are made for comfort with 3/4″ foam padding for extra heavy loads. They are contoured to fit your shoulders and feature an adjustable sternum strap to help distribute weight. Available in Coyote Brown or Multicam.



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