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The Tactical Tailor fight light MALICE pack frame is the result of their desire to improve on a decades old design.

They took the original ALICE pack frame design that has remained virtually unchanged for 50 years combired it with their own military experience and then asked the guys in the field how they would do it and this is the result.

The Tactical Tailor frame is built from light weight metal tubing giving a 30% reduction in weight compared to similar competitor’s after market pack frames while increasing strength and rigidity  over the issue ALICE pack frame. They knew that in the field every ounce saved counts. All rivets have been replaced with welded joints for strength – no more popped rivets – as well as eliminating sharp edges to snag gear on.

Saving the best for last the newly designed crossbar bends away from the body creating space between the pack and your back. This provides better airflow keeping you cooler and also provides a space wide enough to go around standard sized (10”x12”) back hard plates.  

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