(s.o.r.d ) Dynamic Combat Sling


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The SORD Dynamic combat (DC) sling is designed to adjust  and fit easily to any weapon system that can be fitted with a sling in both a two point sling and single point configuration utilizing HK snap Hooks.


The light weight sling allows the operator to move dynamically with a high range of available adjustment thanks to its specially designed free floating shoulder pad the maintains it’s position with or without armour while enabling the sling to rotate and flow freely around the operatots body as they transition through compley terrain and positions.


– This is a true TWO point and One point sling.

– Simple one hand adjustment for length

– Plastic handware has been used infavour of aircraft / climbing / amhpib situations where being snagged by a rifle the plastic hardware should fail under the extreme stresses as opposed to steel.

– Colour matched materials.

– HK Snap Hook elastic sound dampening loops. 



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