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The versatile platform allows the operator to run it with either full side wings when need for increased load carriage is required or of a lighter platform the wings can be removed and replaced and is accessed via a full front flap when used with the wings or with the wings removed through side accessed clips.


The modularity allows the user to scale up and down the vest to reflect their mission parameters and can be quickly changed from one set up to another in a very short period of time. The front section of the vest is designed to be an ”operator” cut. By this we mean that the upper portion of the vest is narrow to allow isosceles and weaver stances when deploying secondary firearms. This means no more bruises on the inner side of your biceps from trying to force any vest to comply with your chosen stance.


The OVAC will accept both plates and ballistic liner. The main body is cushioned with air mesh. This allows the heat created by wearing the OVAC to be comfortably dissipated away from the body and also provides comfortable padding for long term wear. The lining also means no more sneaty and slimy material against the body so you can maintain your cool and comfort when all around are loosing theirs.



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