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  • This boot is awesome for both very hot dry environments and very wet temperate environments. In dry climates, it provides excellent breathability. In wet environments, the boot moves liquid efficiently to the outside of the boot. This can be a distinct advantage over waterproof footwear when the user is unable to prevent water entry through the top of the boot shaft.
  • Apply Meindl Sportwax liberally to the heel flex zone, the exposed seams and toe flex zones to prevent leather cracking in these high wear zones.
  • The boot is ideal when you are carrying light to medium loads such as body armour or Patrol Order. If you are carrying heavier loads such as FSMO and beyond, go for a B or BC category boot such as the Island, Desert Defence or GP Boot.
  • If wearing during parachuting or fast roping, please ensure to cover the open lace hooks with tape to avoid dangerous hang ups and damaging yourself and your equipment (Lesson learned the hard way by Joel).
  • Look after your mates and watch your six, these boots will look after your feet.

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