Bob Cooper survival Kit


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The Ultimate Survival Kit Without Exception!!

Developed by outback survival expert Bob Cooper the Survival Kit contains all the necessary items for survival in the wilderness. Designed and tested in the outback the kit’s quality components have been selected specifically to be the most versatile and effective system of survival. Bob Cooper has identified the ”Big 5′ priorities of survival to be water warmth shelter signals and food. Using this practical kit in conjunction with the included instruction and survival tip sheet you can survive in the Australian outback until you walk out or assistance arrives.

Packed in a compact tin small enough to fit into a large pocket and weighing only 434 grams it is durable and lightweight. Already used by the AUSTRALIAN Defence force pilots government agencies and mining companies this kit is ideal to take with you while camping hiking and fishing as well as for keeping in your vehicle while you are on the road.

Included in the 32 components are;

  • First aid items
  • Water sterilisation agents
  • Fire lighting tools
  • Pocket knife
  • Mini survival cards
  • Water procurement bags
  • Signalling devices
  • Mini compass
  • Assorted fishing gear
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