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Nothing like having everything ready to go when you get a gift! This Maglite set makes a handsome presentation and you can be sure it’ll be used. Perfect for the outdoors enthusiast in your life.

Produced by Ontario California’s Mag Instrument Inc. the Maglite was introduced in 1979 and represented a huge evolutionary step for the torch. Often referred to as ‘A Work of Art That Works ‘ the Maglite has become the choice of professionals worldwide.

A Maglite’s improved performance is achieved through design balanced optics and power; a quick twist of the wrist allows the user to go from a high-intensity spot to a flood beam. Also featuring precision-machined high-strength aluminium alloy casings high-grade rubber seals and improved corrosion resistance and durability Maglites are built to last by a company that understands and respects that the torch is an important tool that you rely on in a range of circumstances.

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